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2020 has changed the way we live and work for good. From studying to working remotely from home, we are spending more time online and on the phone. Interaction in person is very different to communicating via video or telephone calls. We are living in a time that speech clarity is more important than ever.

We are hearing that companies are having more virtual meetings than they normally would with their employees in the office, this is to make sure all tasks are being fulfilled as planned. However, not everyone in the company is fluent in speaking English and this is when the communication breaks down. This can be costly and lead to all kinds of problems.

Quite often you will find that even the overseas graduates who graduated from Oxford or Cambridge University struggle to speak clearly, this is simply because they mainly studied their degree and have never invested in getting the adequate speech training.

Speaking is an art.

Speaking is an art and it requires adequate training just like learning to play an instrument. Articulation is the foundation to speech clarity. This is guaranteed an investment that will continue to enrich you, an infinite ROI (Return On Investment). Never underestimate the power of speaking.

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