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Speech Etiquette's Objectives

1: English Pronunciation Articulation | Clear Diction | Pronunciation

2: Everyday English Conversation | Communication | Dialogue

3: Business English Improve your business English vocabulary & knowledge

4: Speech & Presentation Speech clarity | Confidence | Speak fluently

5: Singing in English Fun vocal exercises for better pronunciation | Breath control

6: Creative writing & Writing business emails What to write, What not to write! | Get your message across!

"Your goal is our goal, our experience is your mentorship!"

Passionate about the English language, our founder took an interest in the British English language as her second language at a very young age. She is lucky enough to have had the best teachers and mentors throughout her life to improve her English and speak like a native. As a result, she has carved out a unique method to help all non-native English speakers to further develop the way they learn English as a foreign language to make learning English easy, fun and rewarding. Her personal experience has helped her to develop different methods to improve foreigners' learning experience, in order to cover different spectrums of the English language and achieve the optimum result.

"Speak like a native!"

Speech Etiquette focuses on every detail, every sound and every word. Speaking well is attractive, it gives you confidence, improves self-esteem and opens new doors. Nothing comes easy, it will take hard work and long hours but we will make it a fun and enjoyable journey for you. We will help you to get there.

Every detail matters, YOU matter!

Speech Etiquette is working with people from different walks of life with varied experience of the real world. You will get the benefits of their knowledge and expertise. A solid foundation gives you a better chance to build and master your own command of English.

Speech Etiquette's aim is to take your English out of the playground and into the real world.

Life is short, aim high with Speech Etiquette!

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