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English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Over £30 million will be made available to local authorities in England to provide targeted support to BN(O) status holders who need additional English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and/or destitution support. Local authorities will be required to demonstrate spend.

  • Up to £800 per head to support access to English language classes for BN(O) status holders.

  • Up to £2,720 per BN(O) household for destitution support.

Why is the government providing funding for a Hong Kong BN(O) UK welcome programme?

  • Earlier migrant resettlement programmes run by MHCLG, such as the Controlling Migration Fund and the Syrian Resettlement Programme, have demonstrated the importance of putting in place a support package for new migrants to enable them to settle into their new communities more effectively.

  • If new migrants can integrate with the settled community, speak English, use services and be economically active this significantly reduces pressures on local services (including housing where people are at risk of destitution) and minimises negative impacts on community cohesion and tensions.

Targeted support funds (ESOL and destitution – England only)

What do you mean by ESOL and destitution support?

  • Local authorities will be eligible to apply to MHCLG’s £16 million targeted support funding to manage and cover costs where BN(O) status holders are at risk of destitution – this will include support with housing costs and translation and support access to English language classes.

  • We are also funding VCSE groups who may also be able to offer additional levels of support in the case of destitution.

English language (England only)

English language is an important part of successful integration, what support will be available for BN(O) status holders who can’t speak English or require classes?

  • English language support is being prioritised as it is linked to employability and poor English ability can create a burden on local services.

  • Local authorities will be able to access funds to provide locally delivered English language classes for BN(O) status holders who have no or low levels of English.

Why can BN(O) status holders not access the Adult Education Budget (AEB)?

  • BN(O) status holders will be eligible to access ESOL courses funded through the Adult Education Budget (AEB) when they have been ordinarily resident in the UK for 3 years. This is in line with the residency eligibility outlined in the current AEB funding rules.

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