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Speaking well is attractive!

Ever wonder why actors and actresses can play different roles? That’s because most actors and actresses have been receiving professional speech training from a young age. Speech Etiquette's founder has a passion for art and music, even after completing her university degree in music at The University of Huddersfield she was determined to improve her articulation and singing technique by training with one of the best vocal coaches in the UK while working with a music producer. She is a trained performer, singer and songwriter. Her experience in learning English as a foreign language has taught her the reason why non-native English speakers cannot articulate well. Through her self-discovery journey, she understands the hurdles that non-native speakers will come across, so she founded Speech Etiquette.

Not only do we teach our students the English Language, but we are determined to go the extra mile to make sure our students get the appropriate training in articulation and pronunciation.

Our founder has invited her most qualified contacts; experienced teachers, semi-retired lawyers, musicians, drama teachers etc., who are capable of sharing their knowledge and skillsets with learners globally.

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