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"Pronunciation requires specific training to re-wire the brain and re-train the muscles we use to speak to create the correct sound when learning a new language."

Pronunciation is a physical exercise and to learn a new language other than your native tongue requires re-training of the muscles we use to speak. This training is very specific in order for the learner to articulate accurately. Learning to speak a new language takes training, just like an athlete being trained for a specific sport, they will repeat the same training exercise daily in order to master their skill.

Local teachers in non-English speaking countries

Most English teachers in non-English speaking countries are more than likely to be locals who are passionate about the English language, however with English being their second language and the lack of training in their verbal communication skills, these teachers are not able to teach their students the correct pronunciation, as they aren't trained to do so. The educational system in non-English speaking countries does not offer this subject as part of their curriculum.

Boarding schools and universities in English speaking countries

Have you ever wondered why most foreign students who attended expensive boarding schools or the best universities in the world still can't articulate properly? The majority of these schools and universities mainly focus on academic progress and grades in order to satisfy parents' high expectations. While the students might excel in the traditional English tests and exams, the lack of training and practice in their speaking skills are the obvious reasons why most of these foreign students do not speak fluently and accurately. In the long run this could impact different aspects of their lives, in particular if they have chosen a career path that requires employees to be well spoken.

First hand experience

What we have experienced and seen over the years is that students are taught English as a foreign language just like students in native English speaking countries. This happens everywhere, not only in foreign countries! This happened to our founder, as a foreign student she attended a British boarding school. On top of the expensive boarding school fees, she and other foreign students had to pay extra tuition fees to learn from an English teacher who specialised in articulation, pronunciation and English grammar, so they could catch up with the native English students. Most people would think the extra English lessons would be included in the expensive tuition fees, unfortunately it is not part of the school curriculum. Any student who would like to improve their speaking of the English language would need to purchase the extra English lessons just like they would for piano or singing lessons.

Learning never ends!

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