Beginners 初級

We are here to help you to build a solid foundation!

Is this you?

When English is not your mother tongue, it is likely that you have not been taught the correct pronunciation in non-native English speaking countries. Pronunciation requires specific training to re-wire the brain and re-train the muscles we use to speak to create the correct sound when learning a new language. It's never too late to start. Don't be shy! Don't be nervous! We will help you to overcome your fear of speaking in a foreign language. At Speech Etiquette, we don't teach, we MENTOR! 如英語不是您的母語,很大可能您在非英語國家所接受的英語課程沒有教導您正確的發音。發音需要特殊的訓練才能重新連接我們的大腦並訓練用來說話的